Updates July 2018

We have updated the MyFreelap app with the following new features:
– Groups
– Sharing
– Beep
– Full screen
– Apple Watch / Gear Fit Pro 2

– Groups: You can create a group and invite other users to view your data
using their username or email address.

– Sharing: You can share a session in group. All members of the group can see the session. If your session is done with an internet connection, the members of the group can follow the results in LIVE.

– Beep: If you do training session with FxChip BLE devices, you can turn ON/OFF beep notification when you receive data timing.

– Full screen: the design has been improved and you can display 1 lap.

– Apple Watch (Series 3)/ Gear Fit Pro 2 : MyFreelap app is now compatible with the Apple Watch (from Series 3) and with the Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2. You have to pair your FxChip BLE ID and press START button to receive data timing. You can sync the training sessions to your MyFreelap account.

– GDPR: We take your privacy and data protection seriously. With the new European Union (EU) data protection law – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our Privacy Policy to better reflect how we collect and manage this information.

GDPR is a data privacy law effective May 25th, 2018 that mandates how companies collect, modify, process, store, and delete the personal data originating in the EU.

Update the latest version of the MyFreelap App from the Google Play or Apple Store on your mobile device.