TEAM ROSTER feature – easily time a group of athletes


Easily time big groups of athletes with the “TEAM ROSTER” feature !

Using the Team Roster feature, a coach can time a group of athletes using one or more chips and automatically associate the athlete’s names with their times.  Each new time received by the app will be associated with the next athlete on the roster, independent of the chip ID.  Using the app, the coach can skip an athlete on the roster if the athlete is not present, or skip randomly to another athlete on the roster.  The coach can upload multiple Team Rosters and name them (e.g. sprinters, hurdlers, offence, defense). When the app gets to the end of the roster, it automatically cycles to the beginning of the roster, thus allowing each athlete to run multiple times.

> Find the complete tutorial about the “Team Roster” functionality allowing you to time a group of athletes (How to create and import your list of athletes / How to create a workout using Team Roster /  How to train with it / How to analyze data) in our detailed documentation. 

> Detailed Video tutorial