Freelap® is an innovative automatic timing system made for speed training. This system is intended for any sport for which time is an important issue. Freelap® can time both athletes who train alone and teams who train with a coach.

Freelap® system collects complete, reliable, and accurate times for each athlete. It transmits timing data automatically to your mobile device (thanks to MyFreelap app – free download on App Store and Google Play Store) and / or on a LED screen via Bluetooth.

This completely automated system frees you from the burden of manual timing and leaves no room for doubts.

Convenient, versatile, accurate, and extremely motivational for athletes, Freelap® technology is a perfect tool for improvement.


Freelap® technology is based on the emission and detection of electromagnetic fields. The electronic timing system consists of three main elements:

– Transmitters: Freelap® transmitters are placed along the course. They are coded (start, lap or finish) and emit electromagnetic fields.

– Chip: The chip is worn by the athlete and detects the pulses of electromagnetic fields as the athlete passes the transmitters and measures time intervals between each transmitter.

– MyFreelap app: When the athlete passes a transmitter in finish mode, the timing data is automatically recorded and instantly transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile device (on MyFreelap app) and / or on a LED screen. Data can also be checked and exported on a computer via your myfreelap.com account.


To focus on what is the most important, training!
Freelap frees you from manual timing. It's the athletes who wear their times. Freelap chip detects the transmitters and timing is automatically recorded, saved and displayed live on your mobile device.
So you can spend more time training!
Freelap can be set up in less than a minute, its installation is ultra-fast and easy. Just turn on the transmitters, place them on the track and you are ready. No calibration or manipulation by the athlete is required.
Bring them wherever you go and no Tripods!
Lightweight, compact, and wireless (Bluetooth technology), Freelap system components are small and lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Cleverly designed, storage bags let you save maximum space.
To meet your needs!
Freelap system is intended for almost all sports for which time is an important issue, and designed for a wide variety of training scenarios. We have also developed specific timing products that meet the specific needs of each sport. Products can be purchased as a kit or individually.
To train alone or in group!
Freelap is made for both athlete who trains alone and team coach. Completely automatic, Freelap let's the single athlete get his times live on his mobile device. Unlike photocells, Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously, even on different workout configurations.
An unbeatable value for coaches and athletes!
Freelap is less expensive than timing gate systems, and is as accurate and powerful as it. Furthermore, Freelap system is much more convenient and easy-to-use... because everything was designed to meet the user's needs!
"Swiss Engineering" products !
Freelap products are developed and manufactured with care in Switzerland, country of watchmaking. Resistant to extreme temperatures and water, it adapts to all kinds of conditions. Freelap products and app are constantly evolving and are cutting edge technology.
Leaving no room for doubts !
Freelap offers a 2/100 seconds accuracy, and leaves no room for hand-time inconsistency. Freelap system is reliable, adapted to all conditions and weather. No interference, signal loss, or missed times due to crowded training areas.
Increase intensity, motivation & competition!
Freelap motivates and encourages competition. Athletes who train with instant feedback are more competitive. Athletes are comfortable training without the visual distraction of tripods, and they love live results via MyFreelap app. MyFreelap has a ranking feature too.
Instantly view results and analyze it easily!
MyFreelap is ergonomic: you easily set up your workout, start it, and instantly get your data live on your mobile device. The results are clear and easy to analyze. You can also check your data from your computer, on your myfreelap.com web account.
For a complete and objective analysis!
Freelap system lets you obtain detailed accurate data on your performance such as: LAP times / SPLIT times / Speed measurement / Recovery time / Heart rate .. Also enjoy many advanced features (calendar, ranking, training groups, graphics and much more…).